Motors, Drives & Controls


All leading makes of AC and DC electric motors and spares as well as all leading makes of drives and controls can be supplied at very competitive prices.

Maintenance and Repair

Most, if not all, machinery has some kind of motor driving it and that motor will have a control system, whether it's a DOL starter, soft start, VSD or a fully integrated control panel with PCB's and telemetary and if that motor or control goes down, your plant stops working and inevitably ends up costing you money. Our aim is to provide you with a service that not only gets your failed plant back into operation in a short space of time saving you money on downtime and lost production but our Site Service team will diagnose the fault and prevent it from happening again.

MKES understands, as do most of our clients, the importance of keeping all plant in operation but more importantly having 100% availability for critical plant. We can tailor a maintenance contract to include an annual/bi-annual/quarterly maintenance contract to ensure your plant stays in tip top condition and available 24/7.

Condition Monitoring, whether its vibration analysis (VA) or thermal imaging can be incorporated into these contracts or alternatively, speak to us for a 'one off' survey which is money well spent to prevent costly breakdowns.

All repairs as a minimum incorporate the following:

  • Strip and clean all parts and inspect for wear
  • Supply and install new bearings and seals
  • Test, re-varnish and stove windings
  • Assemble and test run
  • Paint unit externally


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